Mother Country

The reactor is out
The lights turn red
And like a needle without thread
The captain’s orders come as dares
His men like fish gasping on air

The hold their breath as they descend
Carried to what will be their end

The first commander of the ship
Wields a sword and cracks a whip
Leads his men as they go down
In a song without a sound

Hold you breath as you go down
Think of sweet things as you drown

All the roses from our hands
Don’t cover the skulls collecting sand

Your leader tells both you and I
To go back home and live our lives
But how can you when you have lost
Your songs whose gloried lives had crossed?
Double crossed

Stiffled screams control your mind
Sinking to hell, no precious time

All the roses from our hands
Don’t cover skulls collecting sand

So you return, Mother Country
Whose back is broken whose eyes can’t see
You know just the same as me
The truth is buried in the sea

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